Project case

Slope R32N of C20 section of Xiarong Expressway Nanqian section
Chongqing Daping Tunnel Slope Support R51N
West Qinling Tunnel of Lanzhou Chongqing Railway
R32N anchor rod for the vertical shaft of Xiluodu Hydropower Station
R38N anchor rod for No.3 tunnel of Shaanxi Yinhan Jiwei River
T76L pipe shed of Wanggelitang Tunnel 2 on Gansu Linhe Expressway
The T76L pipe shed of Yangjiaoyan Tunnel in the Nanqian section of the Xiamen Chengdu Expressway
T76L pipe shed of Zhangjiagou Tunnel 2 on Xikang Second Line
The First Tunnel of Xi'an Chengdu Passenger Dedicated Line, Qingliangshan Tunnel, T76L Self propelled Pipe Shed