Mr. Jian YU, an engineer from the Exploration Technology Research Institute of the. Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources of China, visited GD-Anker MAI Pump GMBH in Austria.


The self-drilling anchor bolt system of Austrian GD-Anker MAI Pump GMBH was introduced to China for the first time and was successfully used in the Puziliang Tunnel of the Baozhong Line of Railways.


Austrian GD-Anker MAI Pump GMBH. established a representative office in China, and. Mr. Jian Yu served as the chief representative in China. He promoted self-drilling anchors in China's key engineering projects, such as the Ertan Hydropower Station, the largest hydropower station in China at the end of the 20th century and loaned by the World Bank, the Xiaolangdi Hydropower Station which is regarded as a model of cooperation projects between the bank and developing countries, and the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the world's highest and longest plateau railway Project.


CMP International Inc. was established in Canada to expand business in the international market.


Chengdu MEI Anchor Technology Co., Ltd. was established to produce self-drilling anchor systems.


Chengdu MEI Anchor Technology Co., Ltd., is the first company in China to export self-drilling anchor systems to overseas markets.


Jiangsu CMP Anchorage Systems Co., Ltd was established to enhance productivity as well as better logistics solution with shorter lead time.